ThinkMAD (Think Maximum, Actual and Different) is my wild expression about anything from the mix of an old notebook, a cup of caffe latte and heavy metal songs.

Me? Not important. I’m just nobody who want to share something to everybody.

Find my another expression at

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  1. wah saya dapet kesempatan pertamax 😆
    salam kenal, om


  2. *kejar caplang*

  3. @ edy

    kayaknya pernah kenal deh … 😛

    @ anggara

    awas nabrak! 😛

  4. salam kenal aja deh, biar ikut-an MAD 😀

  5. @ macanangh

    salam kenal juga, Mas Anang!

  6. aduh gak ngerti tuh tulisannya! salam kenal aja deh

  7. salam kenal aja, bos…klo ada tulisan-tulisan yang inspiratif dan mencerdaskan, mohon sudi kiranya di-share ke blog kami…piss…

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